About ProximoCX

ProximoCX is a CX outsourced partner providing curated customer experiences aimed at increasing customer satisfaction levels. We’re shifting the way outsourcers do business with our people-first, innovation-driven business model.

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We’re Changing What It Means To Be An Outsourced Partner

Innovation Minded

We utilize the latest technologies to push our partners’ customer experience forward. With AI and machine learning, we translate your company’s data into actionable insights you can use to make strategic business decisions.

We Grow Together

Without people, we have nothing. That’s why we’re committed to going beyond simply providing our team members with a wage. We strive to equip them with the tools necessary to further their careers no matter where life takes them.

A People-First Approach

By putting your customers first, we’re able to instill a strong sense of brand loyalty in your customers and facilitate long-term relationships between them and your company.

Creating Value

Our mission is to create value for you, your customers, and our team members. We do this by equipping our teams with the tools necessary to provide the best possible customer experiences for your customers. In turn, your customers will stay loyal to your brand.

Meet The ProximoCX Leadership Team

Meet Scott Roof, Michael McMillan, and Mike Nemer

Michael McMillan

A customer experience veteran with over 25 years in the industry, Michael provides profound insights into the industry to help his customers move the needle on their business. Michael is a Certified Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Customer Experience, Sales, AI, Brand Cultivation, Leadership strategies, and more to audiences around the world.

Michael Nemer has garnered more than 25 years of experience across various sales, management, and C-suite positions. For much of his career, Michael has been focused on business development, operations, and P&L management. Michael is dedicated to delivering on the promises he makes to his clients, team members, and partners.

Scott Roof
Global Head of Sales and Marketing

As the Head of Global Sales & Marketing for ProximoCX, Scott connects with people he can develop strong, long-term relationships with who are constantly striving to be the best. This core value includes ProximoCX’s business partners, prospective clients, current clients, and of course, the ProximoCX team.

“We Grow Together!” is the founding principle of everything ProximoCX is about. Over the past 25 years plus, Scott’s career exemplifies this principle every day in his business practices. Reach out to Scott today to see how Scott & ProximoCX create winning strategies that result in growth, revenue and profit for your organization.