Choose A Proactive Approach To Your Customer Care, Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention Outsourcing

ProximoCX makes brand loyalty a priority. We take a proactive approach to customer care, brand loyalty and customer retention by creating and implementing strategies based on your customers’ behaviors.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to increase their lifetime value as a customer. We strive to increase their brand loyalty by providing them with valuable experiences throughout their lifecycle as a customer.

Customer Retention

Get Customers Hooked From The Onset

A successful outsourced customer retention program begins before the moment they purchase your products. We believe that building relationships with potential customers will turn them into customers, and furthering that relationship following their purchases will encourage them to become long-term customers.

Get Customers Hooked From The Onset

We believe that a successful customer retention program begins at the moment of purchase. We search for opportunities at every touch point to keep customers engaged with your brand.

At ProximoCX, we search for opportunities at every touchpoint to keep customers engaged with your brand.

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A Dynamic Program For A Diverse Customer Base

Outsourcing Customer Care: Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention Benefits

A Dynamic Program For A Diverse Customer Base

Our customer retention program utilizes several different channels to connect with customers throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle. Whether a customer is being onboarded, followed up on after a purchase, or is identified as at-risk, we go above and beyond to help reduce your customer attrition.

Increase Customer Loyalty With Content Moderation

If content moderation isn’t playing a key role in your customer retention strategy, it should be. We offer customized content moderation strategies, and we utilize both AI and human moderators to enhance your customer experience and help retain your customers.

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