While your company is growing, it’s important that your resources remain dedicated to executing your core business functions. Outsourcing non-core processes can be a very rewarding path forward, but there are several variables to consider when deciding whether outsourcing is the right solution for your business. When completing your cost-benefit analysis, these are some of the most important factors to consider before you decide to work with a BPO.Reduced Language Barriers of outsourced customer care


1. Reduced Language Barriers

As businesses continue to cross borders and service customers on an international scale, having customer care professionals who are able to effectively and fluently communicate with your customer base is essential for continued success. This reason alone could become a deciding factor when deciding if outsourcing your customer care is the right decision to make. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to receive assistance with a product and being unable to because of a language barrier. Partnering with nearshore BPOs can help.

Even if your company’s base of operations constitutes the majority of your business dealings, being able to communicate with customers around the globe is important if you are looking to grow and expand your market share. Partnering with a nearshore BPO that can communicate with customers across a variety of languages is only going to help further your business. If your customer care teams are multilingual, more customers are going to be satisfied with the assistance they receive, making them more likely to do further business with you in the future.

When choosing a BPO, partnering with a company that can seamlessly interact with your customers is a best-practice. A nearshore BPO will provide the services you need without the language barriers and cultural misunderstandings associated with off-shore BPOs.

2. Increased Sales Opportunities

We all know that the end goal of great customer care service is to satisfy the needs and wants of customers while resolving any issues they experience while using your product or service. After all, a satisfied customer is significantly more likely to become a long-term customer. While any customer experience representative or team can deliver a good customer experience, it takes experienced customer service professionals to turn customer care into an increase in sales opportunities. Your customer service team might be great at what they do, but are they good salespeople? This is where a customer experience BPO can step in and enhance your customer service.

A BPO specializing in customer experience should have the experience and resources needed to help bring your customers’ attention to goods and services they didn’t even know they needed. Looking for these opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell not only generates more revenue, but it increases your customers’ investment in your brand. The more a customer invests in your company the more loyal they become. And the benefit of increased sales doesn’t stop there. Customers who are loyal to your brand are more likely to become either advocates or organic influencers who are going to champion your brand.

BPOs have the time, experience, and resources necessary to analyze consumer behaviors and identify patterns in their purchasing habits. These analyses are then used to give companies sales recommendations that will elevate a customer’s overall experience.

By partnering with a BPO that specializes in sales in addition to customer care service, you will be positioning your company to make more sales, increase your customers’ brand loyalty, and create brand advocates and influencers. So before you choose a BPO to take care of your customer care services you need to ensure they can generate sales opportunities.

Reduced Costs of outsourced customer care

3. Reduced Costs

When outsourcing any service, one of the first benefits that come to mind is a reduction in operational overhead. If you’re looking to outsource your customer care, you will be thankful to find that this generality rings true. Several different ways outsourcing your customer care will free up your business’s revenue.

There are several different aspects of keeping customer care services in-house that are going to weigh down your company’s revenue, but one of the more persistent is staffing. Let’s not mince words, your staff is immensely valuable, and the services they provide are just as valuable. However, as your business continues growing—or in a worst-case scenario, your business is stagnating or shrinking—there comes a point where continuing to hire and train additional staff to complete non-core business processes comes at too high a price. When this becomes the case, outsourcing your non-core business functions is a great way to free up revenue. This allows you to still receive those services without the ever-increasing cost of additional staff.

Another area that outsourcing can allow your business to cut costs is infrastructure. Building a digital infrastructure capable of handling your customer care services isn’t going to be cheap. A single workstation alone can cost several thousand dollars, which can easily translate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your customer care team. That doesn’t even take the pace that technology is advancing into account.

As the industry continues to change, and software and hardware standards continue to improve, the cost of keeping your systems up to date will increase alongside it. Outsourcing your customer care allows you to defer these expenses to the BPOs who will be taking care of the service for you. You get the benefits of a customer care team without the expensive setup and upgrades required to keep the service in-house.They Have A Larger Support Staff

4. They Have A Larger Support Staff

It’s pretty safe to say that one of the most frustrating aspects of the customer experience is the wait time associated with reaching out to a customer care center. While there is certainly more than one variable contributing to this issue, the easiest to fix is the number of staff assisting your customers. As previously explained, having enough staff to keep up with your business’s growth can be expensive from both the staffing and infrastructure standpoints. So how do you expand your customer care team while avoiding these costs? You simply outsource to a BPO that specializes in customer care.

Outsourcing your customer care services allows you to quickly increase the number of staff helping your customers resolve their issues. But even if your company needs to expand quickly, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Finding the right BPO for the job will allow you to accommodate your company’s growing customer base while also providing them with the level of care and service they have come to expect.

5. You Gain Extended Service Hours

While outsourcing to a company outside your timezone presents drawbacks of its own, one of the major disadvantages of keeping your customer care in-house is the limited number of hours your staff will be working.

Assuming your in-house team works the standard eight-hour workday, your company is missing out on 2/3rds of the day that could be spent helping customers. Think about it from your customer’s perspective, it’s impossible to know when an issue is going to arise with a product or service, and getting the issue resolved quickly is paramount. Outsourcing your customer care to an outside source is a great way to expand the number of hours your customers can receive the services they need.

They’re Not Attached To Your Brand


1. They’re Not Attached To Your Brand

There are two major drawbacks to consider when dealing with a company that is not attached to your brand. The first drawback is allowing someone outside of your company to interact with customers on your behalf. The second is the level of control you have to relinquish.

So, why is allowing someone outside of your company to interact with your customers a drawback? When your customers call your customer care team, they are going to automatically assume that they are dealing with a representative from your company. They won’t know that they are dealing with a third party, and the interaction is going to be representative of your company and not the BPO company. This is a double-edged sword. BPO companies only stick around if clients believe that the service they provide is satisfactory, so naturally, their top priority is going to be delivering a great customer experience. But you run the risk of having poor interactions negatively impact a customer’s perception of your brand.

Why is having less control a drawback? The desire to be in control of all the aspects surrounding one’s life, including their work and any businesses they own, is a natural desire for humanity. Giving a BPO company the ability to run any area of your business takes you out of the driver’s seat.

2. Security Risks

Brand detachment isn’t the only drawback your company faces when choosing a BPO, and it’s arguably not even the most important to consider. When you hand over customer care to a BPO, you are trusting them with your customers’ sensitive information and privacy. If a data leak were to occur, your company would need to execute a PR crisis plan to deal with consumer backlash. When you’re searching for a BPO company to partner with, you need to ensure they have security measures in place to protect your customers’ private information.

3. Communication Issues

While this issue can arise from either of the parties involved in a business relationship, outsourcing your customer care to an offshore company can lead to communication issues between your businesses.

The first factor that could contribute to communication issues is cultural differences. Various things can negatively impact cross-culture communication including language barriers, work culture, and even communications styles. It’s important that both your company and the BPO you partner with both understand what the other is expecting.

The other potential issue with offshore outsourcing is the time difference. If you are a US-based company, partnering with companies not based in the Americas is going to make communication difficult simply because of how far removed they are from local timezones. While it’s certainly possible to make arrangements for meetings across those time differences, it can be more difficult. Partnering with near-shore companies presents less of an issue because these companies will be operating nearer to your local time zones.The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

The Benefits Outweigh The Risks

It’s important to note that while drawbacks exist, they are by no means destined to be a detriment to your business. There are two easy ways to circumvent any potential pitfalls associated with outsourcing to a BPO.

The first is to put in the time to research the BPOs that you are considering. Understand what they bring to the table. Ask for their client references. Ask questions you feel are pertinent to your decision. Make sure you choose to work with a BPO that understands your area of business and can provide. The second way to circumvent these drawbacks is to work with the BPO you choose as a business partner. Don’t just hand them the work and then fall out of contact until it’s time for a monthly report. Think of your BPO company as an extension of your business. Their success is your success (and vice versa).

While relinquishing control of aspects of your company requires taking some risks, the potential drawbacks are far outweighed by the benefits your company can garner through the partnership. This is especially true if your company is growing. Making sure your customer care teams can keep up with demand is essential for your success, and BPO companies are able to scale their services to fit your needs. Not all BPOs are created equal, and to ensure your company’s continued success, you need to partner with a BPO you can trust will deliver positive results.How Proximo Can Help You Expand Your Customer Care How Proximo Can Help You Expand Your Customer Care

As a nearshore BPO, one of the many benefits that ProximoCX offers is that our team works hard to understand your customers and their specific needs. Our main contact center is located just minutes away from San Diego, so our employees have a unique understanding of American culture and are able to communicate fluently and effectively in the three most prevalent languages in the Americas: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We proudly serve customers across the Americas and abroad.

The ProximoCX team is committed to providing your customers with exceptional service every time they interact with our representatives by phone, SMS, email, or chat. Maintaining your brand’s reputation by both providing positive customer interactions and keeping your customers’ information safe is a priority for us.

At ProximoCX, we understand that your customers could need assistance at any time. This is why the experienced customer care professionals staffing our 300 seat contact center are available 24/7/365. If you’re looking for a nearshore BPO to provide your customers with best-in-class support, ProximoCX is the highest rated nearshore BPO.

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