Digital technology is fragile. On any given website or piece of software there are thousands of moving parts that need to work seamlessly in order to keep things running properly. Tech support teams are really the glue that help hold everything together. They are one of the most crucial aspects of your company’s customer service because when things don’t run properly your customers and employees will be clamoring at your office door until their issues are fixed. Despite their importance, you may not have an adequate number of tech support staff to meet your customers’ constantly growing list of needs. Outsourcing your tech support might be the answer.

As with any process you might want to outsource, hiring a BPO to handle your tech support is an efficient way to expand your support team’s bandwidth so they can provide your customers with the support they need. While this may sound like something than an in-house support team can handle, there are several reasons that outsourcing tech support is a better option for your business. These are the top 6 reasons you should outsource your customer support.

Reduce operational costs

You Will Reduce Your Operational Costs

Having an in-house tech support team is anything but affordable. Between labor and infrastructure alone, the cost of having an in-house tech support team is going to severely cut into your annual budget. When your company is allocating real estate for a single tech support workstation, the average yearly cost is going to be just under $20,000 – and that’s just the cost of the space itself. The infrastructure needed to support in-house tech support is going to float between the $5,000 and $10,000 mark, and you can expect to be paying for upgrades and better equipment as your company continues growing and your IT infrastructure continues to evolve.

The office space and workstation costs associated with keeping IT in-house pale in comparison to the cost of labor for an IT professional. The average yearly wage of an IT professional is $80,000, not including benefits. Obviously, this number changes depending on location, industry, and years of experience; an IT professional who is still young and lacks experience can be hired for around $40,000, while a seasoned professional is easily worth six figures. Regardless, this is a high price to pay if you’re a small business or require a large support team.

Partnering with a BPO that specializes in tech support allows you to forego the high cost of keeping the service in-house. The workstation, salary, benefits, and other associated costs are taken out of your annual budget. Instead, you’ll be able to use that money to increase the number of staff working to further your business’s core products and services. Outsourcing your tech support to decrease your operating costs allows you to use those funds for strategic priorities and plans in the future.

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Your Company Becomes More Flexible

One of the long-term benefits your company will gain by outsourcing tech support is an increase in your company’s flexibility. Part of this has to do with funding. As your company continues to grow, and your customer base grows along with it, you will need a larger support staff to assist your customers. That larger support staff isn’t limited to your IT department. You’ll need more sales support, customer service representatives, marketing teams, human resource officers, etc.

That being said, choosing the proper in-house teams to expand is going to have a profound effect on your company’s continued growth. By keeping your tech support in-house, you are forced to neglect other areas of your business that could use that funding to accelerate your business growth. I won’t bore you by repeating the figures again, but look over those numbers and you can quickly see how that expense can grow exponentially as you find yourself needing to expand your tech support team to keep up with your company.

Partnering with a BPO can provide the financial flexibility you need while offering you the option to expand your teams as your company deems necessary. If you keep your tech support in-house, you have to keep expanding the team as the company continues to grow. This means you have to commit to going through the arduous hiring and onboarding processes while hoping that each new hire is a good fit for the company.

By partnering with a BPO, instead of committing to pay a specialist’s salary, benefits, etc., you commit to paying for a specified amount of work over a specific time limit. Most of the time, these plans can be customized to fit your needs. You can scale the amount of work being outsourced up or down to match the workload throughout the year. Even if you have a tech support team already, and you’re committed to keeping them employed at your company, you can outsource teams to provide tech support during the hours your in-house team isn’t working.

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You Can Refocus Your Business

One of the most important things for any business to remain successful and continue growing is to stay focused on the processes it’s proficient in. Your business has to maintain a reputation for providing customers with a good or service that they enjoy. The best way to keep those customers around, and continue bringing in new customers, is to keep your focus on improving your existing products and services while innovating new ones. This is where your focus belongs. Pouring excess resources into a service that your company doesn’t specialize in only serves to take away time and resources from those you do specialize in.

One famous example of a company stepping too far out of its core specialties was the release of the “Facebook Phone” in 2013. While technically called the “HTC First,” the phone’s main selling point was its integration with Facebook. According to CNET, the phone flopped on release and was sold by AT&T, its sole distributor, for only $0.99. While app and web development are both in Facebook’s wheelhouse, cell phones are not. This might seem like an extreme example, but it’s a much smaller leap from app development to cell phones than say eCommerce or marketing to tech support.

It’s also worth noting that if your company begins growing rapidly, you’re going to need experienced IT experts capable of maintaining and expanding your company’s IT environment. In 2018, Forbes reported that the average cost of IT downtime is $100,000 per hour. Having IT experts capable of mitigating downtime will save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road, and outsourcing your company’s tech support allows you to alleviate the duties of assisting customers and other staff. We take care of tech support, so your internal teams can mitigate the risk of downtime.

What ProximoCX Brings To The Table…

Provide 24/7/365 Support For Your Customers

An immediate benefit that you gain from outsourcing your tech support is additional service hours for your customers. One of the most frustrating aspects of the customer experience is not being able to receive the support you need because your technical problem occurred after hours. Outsourcing with a company that offers extended service hours allows you to eliminate this aspect of the customer experience entirely. Your customers get the service they need the moment they need it. Your customers will thank you.

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We Mitigate Your Risks

One truism in the BPO industry is that your success is our success. And your success depends on providing a customer experience. Providing good tech support is an essential part of your overall customer experience. When you’re hiring employees for in-house tech support teams, or any customer service team for that matter, you bear all of the risks. If an employee provides suboptimal tech support, it’s going to reflect poorly on your company and cost you business.

According to Forbes, 96% percent of customers are willing to abandon your brand after just a single negative experience. The quality of service your customers receive can make or break your brand.

While we all hope that every employee you bring on the team is going to hold themselves to the highest standard, the fact remains that such idealism rarely manifests itself in reality. If someone doesn’t perform they might get fired, but you’re still left holding the bag. When you partner with a BPO, your company and the BPO have an equal share in the risk because bad service reflects negatively on both of you. If the BPO provides poor tech support and you lose business, they will lose you as a client. Both the BPO and your company have vested interests in your tech support thriving.

At ProximoCX, we pride ourselves on delivering the best tech support possible. We have dedicated tech support teams so that your customers get their issues resolved in an efficient and effective manner.

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AI Driven Analytics and Reporting

One way that we ensure our representatives are always providing the best tech support and customer service possible is through AI-powered reporting and training. We utilize AI technology to monitor every point of customer contact to ensure that your customer receives the 5-star support they deserve. The monitoring system provides our representatives with feedback on the service they provide and is able to recommend areas for improvement. We are always looking for new innovative ways to handle your tech support needs.

Our AI infrastructure doesn’t end there. We also use AI to gather, arrange, and interpret data based on our interactions with your customers. We provide you with these reports so that you can have an in-depth understanding of what your customers like and don’t like about specific products and services as well as what issues we are resolving most frequently. This allows your company to be aware of improvements that can be made to increase your customers’ satisfaction level.

What Are Your Options?

Extended Team Model

Implementing an extended team tech support model involves adding additional specialists from the BPO to an already existing team. These specialists work in tandem with your current IT team and expand the scope of your tech support capabilities.

There are several ways adding outsourced team members to your tech support staff can help your business. You can add additional specialists to assist your team during peak hours, you can add a support team that is dedicated to providing service during your business’s off hours, you gain access to top-tier specialists, and you get to skip out on the hiring process. This is a great option for companies who are experiencing more growth than their current teams can keep up with or companies who have plans to grow in the near future and anticipate requiring additional support.

Dedicated Team

The dedicated team model is characterized by allowing the BPO to supply the entirety of the tech support for your company. You determine the size of the tech support team, the hours you need their assistance, and the tasks they will be completing. This is a great option for companies that need to cut their expenses. You can provide your customers with the tech support they deserve without cutting too far into your annual budget.

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A Customized Plan

Every business is unique and requires a set of unique solutions to fulfill its needs. That’s why we don’t settle for offering unimaginative service plans which require your company to fit into a ready-made box… Regardless of whether your company is looking to expand its existing team to increase your existing tech support team’s bandwidth or your company needs to outsource its entire tech support team, ProximoCX offers customized plans to meet your needs.

We’re ready to take your tech support to the next level. Contact us today to receive a quote for a customized service plan.

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